First Week of Classes

The first week of classes could not have felt any longer. It was a struggle getting acclimated to going to classes again after such a long break. Last semester went pretty well being it was my first semester at a 4-year school (I transferred to Lehigh last semester). I did better than I thought in some classes and did not do as well as I had hoped in others. All in all, it was a great first semester and am glad I came to Lehigh.

So, for the second semester of my Junior year, the classes I am taking are the following:

CSE-202 Computer Organization and Architecture

  • This class has the reputation as one of the hardest in the CSE department and the Professor is tough. It isn’t terrible yet, but it has only been one week. Regardless, I feel I will learn a lot of valuable information pertinent to my career.

CSE-216 Software Engineering

  • In this class we learn all about software engineering and the methods to successful software engineering projects. The class is broken into group of 5-6 students and each group is responsible for putting together a software engineering project that will be a semester long project. I already have a group and we are finalizing our idea. I’ll be sure to post about this project as it will be ongoing all semester.

CSE-297 Web Applications

  • I was originally wait-listed for this course when I registered for courses last semester, but was able to get in once a spot opened up. I’m excited for this course. We will be learning a multitude of different languages to build web applications. It’s a very useful skill to have. And since this course is only temporary I was lucky and happy to be able to get into it.

MATH-231 Probability & Statistics

  • The last required math course I need to take as part of my degree. The title says it all

HIST-105 Sports History

  • I had to choose another course to take, so instead of overloading myself with CSE courses I decided to take a History elective. It’s on sports history, and as a huge sports fan it felt like a good idea. A week in and it is probably my favorite class to go to, solely because it is a sort of break from all my other hard courses and the professor is very animated and keeps the class interesting (He needs to since it’s at 8am…).

I am excited for all of my courses this semester and look forward to all I have to learn

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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