2nd Exam for CSE-109

Last Friday I had my second exam in CSE-109 Systems Software. It was very similar to the first exam in terms to what we were asked to do. The exam was technically cumulative because everything we learn builds upon the last topic, so it was important to go back and study the previous exam and programs.

We were tested on linked lists, hash tables (along with the different methods of hashing), processing files, classes, pointers, dynamic arrays, and binary trees. We also needed to know how to code programs for them.

The test itself was split into two parts; one during lecture in the morning and then part two during our lab time. The first part was relatively easy, but the 2nd part was much more difficult. Similar to the first exam, I ran out of time before I answered one of the questions to completeness like I hoped to. It was a bummer because I knew exactly how to do the problem, but I got too caught up on the previous problem that I was unsure of.

Bright side is it’s over and all that’s left is a couple more program assignments and then the final exam. The semester is winding down and Thanksgiving break and the end of this semester cannot come soon enough.


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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