Sophomore year can be a little different from Freshman year in some aspects of living/class life. One big difference is that we don’t really have four o’clocks anymore; we have tests when professors see fit. For ECE 81 and MAT 33, I’ll have two midterms next week and they will be my only tests before the final, so these tests have a very heavy weight on our grades. That’s one negative aspect of being a sophomore, but it’s also nice that we don’t have to take two sets of four o’clocks.




About lueric16

Hello everyone! I'm a first year engineering student at Lehigh; I'm also a varsity athlete (cross-country). I have many interests that span from online gaming to hiking mountains. I've solo'd an airplane and I'm an Eagle scout. I'm very excited for this upcoming year of school and this is my blog to keep you informed on how it all goes.
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