First Semester as a Transfer (Thus far)

     This is my first post, so a little introduction to start off.. My name’s Ryan and this is my first semester at Lehigh University. I am a transfer student coming from a community college and my major is Computer Science & Engineering. It has been been a little over a month since I moved in and there has been a lot of transitioning. One of the first things that I’ve noticed to be different is the workload. Coming from a community college, the workload and courses were not as heavy and strenuous, so it has been a work in progress to adapt to the increased degree of difficulty.

     But let me follow up on that and share the courses I am taking. I am technically and junior, but am taking some courses a sophomore would take his/her second semester.

CSE-109 Systems Software: This is my primary programming course this semester. It has been the most interesting, but also the most time consuming. We get homework assignments weekly that are usually small programs, but can still be confusing, that will be do within 2-3 days. Also, we are going to be asked to complete a total of 9 programs throughout the semester where each program assignment builds off the previous to ultimately have a medium size program.

CSE-262 Programming Languages: This has been my least favorite class so far for a multitude of reasons. 1. It’s my earliest class and always struggle getting up and to class on time 2. It is hard to follow the professor and understand him and 3. I still do not know what the goal of the class is.

CSE-252 Computers, Internet & Society: This course I generally like. It is an open forum-like class where we discuss issues and articles we’ve researched on certain topics. There’s few lectures, but still the professor always looks for input from the class. We discuss internet use and how it affects us as daily individuals from our privacy to new technologies.

CSE-130 Technical Presentation: This has been my favorite class thus far. It is very relaxed and the purpose of the course is to learn how to give a good technical presentation. In the first week, we started out the class by having to give 5 min. impromptu talks. It was pretty funny watching everyone try to think of what to say and stumble on their words… that is until I had to do it.

MATH-205 Linear Methods: Basically linear algebra and differential equations crammed into one course. The first month has been pretty easy. My first exam was last week and felt confident in how I did.

It has only been a month and I am still getting use to my surroundings here at Lehigh as well as living away from home. I’ve enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to the rest of my time here and to post about my experiences.



About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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