All Classes are Connected

One of the neat things about being in the engineering school is that you get the chance to take classes outside of your major. I’m a computer engineer, but right now I’m taking MAT 033. This classes is based on the properties of materials and is a class for materials science and engineering majors. I have to take it as a technical elective. The other day, I learned about computer chips and their properties as semi-conductors.


It’s always cool to see how all types of engineering are connected to each other.



About lueric16

Hello everyone! I'm a first year engineering student at Lehigh; I'm also a varsity athlete (cross-country). I have many interests that span from online gaming to hiking mountains. I've solo'd an airplane and I'm an Eagle scout. I'm very excited for this upcoming year of school and this is my blog to keep you informed on how it all goes.
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