ECE 33 – Intro to Computer Engineering

One class that all sophomore computer engineers take is ECE 33. It’s an introduction to computer engineering and where most computer engineers see assembly language for the first time. Assembly language is the language in a computer that is used to carry out the code written in Java, C++ and other computer languages. Assembly language is used to interact with the computer and the most basic of languages – machine language. In machine language, the computer uses binary code to carry out specific actions. The first thing we had to learn in ECE 33 were the basics behind binary. In the picture below, you can see some of the basic computation required to carry out addition in binary:


After learning the basics behind binary, we started moving into some simple commands used in the assembly language. We learned about the different registers inside a processor and about how certain registers had certain functions. After this, we attempted our first program. To make it simple, Professor Wagh starts out with a diagram to show exactly what we want our program to do. After this, we move to writing the actual program as seen below:ImageThe class is moving pretty quickly and hopefully we’ll start to get some more practice with assembly language.



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Hello everyone! I'm a first year engineering student at Lehigh; I'm also a varsity athlete (cross-country). I have many interests that span from online gaming to hiking mountains. I've solo'd an airplane and I'm an Eagle scout. I'm very excited for this upcoming year of school and this is my blog to keep you informed on how it all goes.
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