ECE 081 Principles of Electrical Engineering

One of the interesting and challenging engineering classes that I am taking this semester is ECE 081 Principles of Electrical Engineering taught by Professor Will Best. Although, this is a electrical engineering class, as a CompE, this is one of the required classes that I have to take. The class is suppose to teach the basic understanding of electric circuit in particular the analysis and design aspect.

So far in the class, we have been looking at different electric circuit with power source and resistors to analyze voltage, current, resistance in the circuit. We applied Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoffs Voltage Law, and Kirchhoffs Current Law to analyze the circuits. Another point to mention is that it is good to have some good calculus knowledge on differential equations and systems of equations.

One of biggest struggle with this class is the textbook we are using. The textbook lacks good examples in showing you how to solve the problems. So as a result, I have read materials from the internet and watched Youtube videos for further understanding in solving the problems. Its always a good idea to stay ahead in class.



About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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