Making a Power Supply

For ECE121 lab this week, we are making a real power supply by using transformers, diodes, resistors, operational amplifiers and transistors. It was hard and fun at the same time.  The following is the model of the power supply.



We learned each component separately in lectures. Now we are putting it all together in the lab.  My partner and me was in the lab for 3 hours and could not get the right result. We decided to change all component to see if anything is broken. It turned out that the transistor was not working. We figured that transistor 2N3904 dies out really quickly. At the end of the lab, two transistors died during the lab. Getting into lab is really about figuring out the world, not just the equations on the board.







About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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