The Lehigh Alma Mater

The professor I have for ECE123 is Prof. Haller. He is a Lehigh graduate with B.S. Electrical Engieering in 1972, B.S. Engineering Physics in 1973, and M.S. Electrical Engineering in 1975. He said that he wanted to carry down the Lehigh’s “tradition” teaching style which he received when he was a student.

Today in the lecture, he made us sing the Lehigh Alma Mater in the beginning of the class. He handed out the copy to every student in the lecture, and had some students standing in the front singing the song. We sang the first verse today. He said that we are going to sing the second verse for next lecture. This is something that is totally unrelated to engineering. However, this is what he do to show us and bring us the Lehigh spirit. He said that when we all go to the football game, we should sing alone with the song, and just stand there and listening to it.

I really appreciated that he did this to our class. The following is the Lehigh Alma Mater:

Where the Lehigh’s rocky rapids
Rush from out the West,
Mid a grove of spreading chestnuts
Walls in ivy dressed.
On the breast of old South Mountain
Reared against the sky,
Stands our noble Alma Mater,
Stands our dear Lehigh.

Like a watchman on the mountain
Stands she grandly bold,
Earth’s and Heaven’s secret seeking,
Hoarding them like gold.
All she wrests from Nature’s storehouse
Naught escapes her eye,
Gives she gladly to her dear ones,
While we bless Lehigh.

We will ever live to love her,
Live to praise her name,
Live to make our lives add luster
To her glorious fame.
Let the glad notes wake the echo,
Joyfully we cry:
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
Hail, all hail, Lehigh.

Eva Chen’15

About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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