Engineering Co-Op Program

I was invited to an informational session about Co-Op program yesterday. Co-Op is an internship in a longer version. Students who gets a Co-Op position is required toattend summer school at Lehigh to take the first semester, junior-year courses, so they can start working from September to December  for the first rotation. For the second rotation, students will be working at the following summer. This is definitely what I am interested in as a Lehigh sophmore. Even though I know I am doing electrical engineering, but I have not decide what specific area I am going to. It’s hard to do a decision while in school. I think this Co-Op program can really help me with my career choice.

During the informational session, there were five students who return their Co-Op job for their first rotation. They shared their experiences, and talk about the projects they were working on over the fall. I decided to apply for this Co-Op program because it is very beneficial to me.

There are a lot of things to do with this Co-Op program. I need to write up my resume, and start doing interviews with companies. Lehigh has a lot of activities to help students with their resumes and interviews. For example, there is a resume writing workshop on Thursday, and there is a resume marathon on next Wednesday.  I am very excited about this program, and I cannot wait to work as a electrical engineer.

Eva Chen’15

About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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