Assembly Programming

For ECE033, I just learned the assembly 8085 programming language. This is a language that is closest to the binary code, and this is what makes this language hard. For the last week, I had to write up a program to check if a sentence is a palindrome or not.




This is what I wrote for this program. As you can see, this language is a lot more different from C++ language and Java language.

Prof. Wagh wrote another program for us to check if my program works.

This is how I check my program with the program Prof. Wagh wrote:




This is the second assembly program I wrote for this class. I didn’t have any programming experience before. Therefore, this programming project this pretty challenging for me. I worked with my friends for a lot of hours and finally get this done. Overall, this is fun project and I’m looking forward for the next one.
–Yuhua Eva Chen ‘2015


About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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