Returning from an Unexpected Break

I’m sure many people that write for the various Lehigh blogs will be talking about Hurricane Sandy, so I decided to get it out of the way for this page. We here at Lehigh had a full week of classes off because we were hit pretty hard by Sandy. Pictures can be found on the Lehigh website ( A few trees were knocked over and just about every building lost power for at least a few days, so students were sent home (if they could go home) once the hurricane subsided. I was lucky enough to have power when I got back to home. It was nice to have a break, but now we’re paying the price because we need to make up those classes somehow. At least everything is back to normal now.

An uprooted tree on the UC front lawn

Because Lehigh is trying to segue back into normal operation, only midterms that were scheduled on one of the break days were pushed back and all others are proceeding as planned. That means that I have an exam on Thursday and another on Friday, and after a week away from classes I feel a bit ill-prepared. I suppose I just need to buckle down and try to get back into the swing of things.

In CSE109 we’re working on templated classes. Template classes are basically just very general forms of regular classes. They are designed to be able to handle any data type in the operations of the class. Our first assignment with this is to take the ternary tree class we made a while back and change it into a template class so it can handle any kind of data given to it. This sounds like it will be interesting and I’m hoping it’s as easy as it sounds.



About lutyler15

I'm a Lehigh student planning on majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Japanese. I am the community coordinator for Lehigh's "Technology in Society" housing. I really enjoy video games and programming, so technology suits me!
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