Midterms Are Coming

This is the fifth week of this semester, it means that the midterms are coming!  I have three midterms next Friday in three consecutive hours. That means, I need to finish one test on time and run to the next class which is located in another building in 10 minutes. Most of the students in the campus are stressed for the midterms. For me, the most challenging course is ECE 108, Signals and  Systems. We just started to analyze signals both in the time domain and the frequency domain. The professor said that this the most important concept of this course. In order to derive the correct equation, we need to use a lot of math knowledge from Calculus, Linear Algebra and Complex Variable. This definitely makes the course harder. For the homework, I always need to go back to my old math textbooks for some theorems, and even spent one hour on one of the homework problem sometimes. However, the midterm is only 50 minutes long. I wish I could finish the test on time.

The courses for this semester is definitely much harder than the courses from last semesters. It is also more interesting because it is all about major now. Hope everyone is getting good grades on his/her midterms.
— Eva ’15


About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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