Getting Settled

I’ve been back a few weeks now and I’m just about done getting settled in to my new home and classes. I’m living in the Technology in Society community this year, thanks to the LiveLehigh! program. And I got in to all the classes I registered for last Spring, which is pretty exciting.

The Tech house is really nice. I’m actually the Community Coordinator for the house, and I also founded it. It’s located at Warren Square C, which is in a good spot on campus, and the house itself is roomy. The biggest improvement over my rooming last year is that I get a nice, big, single room (some perks to being the founder) and more importantly, every bedroom gets its own window unit air conditioner! There are 22 other people living there with me (boys and girls), and everyone gets along really well. We’ve already had a bunch of programs that are open to the campus like movie nights and a couple game tournaments. There are plans for a really big Pokemon tournament coming up in the next month. I’ll keep the readers up to date on all these events in case anyone is interested. I’m pretty excited for what’s to come with that community.

As much as I talk up the Tech house, I wouldn’t overlook the other LiveLehigh! communities. Last year I belonged to CHOICE housing, which is the substance-free LiveLehigh! community. The neighbors to the Tech house this year are the wonderful people in the Music Appreciation house. There’s also the Green house (environmentally friendly living), and the LiveLearnServe community (I think they’re centered around community service). So there’s plenty of options for everyone out there and everyone I’ve met in the LiveLehigh! program so far has been fantastic.

I won’t go too much into my classes, although I am loving them so far. Max has already talked about Programming Languages and Systems Programming, which I am in with him. I am also in Discrete Structures, Probability and Statistics, and Japanese. Discrete Structures is a logic based math/cse course. Probability and Statistics is……well, probability and statistics. And I’m on my 3rd semester of Japanese, so I’m finally getting to become mildly fluent. Of all my classes, Japanese is probably the most fun, although I enjoy learning about all these subjects.

-Tyler 2015


About lutyler15

I'm a Lehigh student planning on majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Japanese. I am the community coordinator for Lehigh's "Technology in Society" housing. I really enjoy video games and programming, so technology suits me!
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