BJT Amplifier Circuit

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Schedule for Junior Fall Semster


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A Sunny Day at Lehigh

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Designing a BJT Amplifier

One of the final project for ECE 121 is designing a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Amplifier with given specifications. For this design problem, we have to combined all the things were learned so far in the lab to create this amplifier. These are the requirement for the completion of the design problem.

1. Circuit schematic
2. Design equations and analysis
3. Circuit simulation to prove your design for β = 50, 100, 200
4. Experimental results
5. Comparison between PSPICE (circuit simulation) and experimental results

The lab is quite challenging because me and my partner have to review the materials from all the other previous labs. So far, we have a circuit schematic that is based on a similar schematic that Professor Haller gave us.  Right now, we are working on getting the correct values for the resistor and capacitor to bias the circuit. Our first problem, we ran into was that it was in operating in saturation which is no good. By end of this week, we should have a working amplifier, hopefully.

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Wolfram Alpha Saved My Life

I am currently taking ECE 125. For the homework I was assigned, it consists of a lot of math. We are talking about digital filters. For the homework, we need to map the time domain transfer function into a difference equation into z transform. The concept itself is not hard, but when it comes to calculation, it is so easy to make an error. As the result, the digital filter we calculated is wrong.

I started to use Wolfram Alpha to double check my work, and that makes my life so much easier.

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 1.52.20 PM


Once I entered a complicated math expression, Wolfram Alpha can simplify for me. I can use this as a check mark. If my digital filter is not working, at least I know I was doing fine in terms of simplifying the equation.

Eva Chen’15

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Building A Multiplayer Game

In my CSE-297 Web Applications course, we are beginning our “class project.” The purpose of the project is to essentially take everything we’ve learned throughout the course, and create a web application with them. For the class project, each student will be responsible for his/her own part of the class project.

The project class for this semester is going to be a multiplayer game called Fruit Smash. It is basically the same thing as Candy Crush Saga. Below is a picture of what it’s relatively suppose to look like.

Fruit Smash


We were just assigned the first part of the class project and it is basically to set up the game page above. I’m really looking forward to this project and see it running with our whole class playing over the network. I will keep the blog updated on its progress as the month goes on.

-Ryan ’15

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CSE Seminar: “Searching for the User Interface: First Steps”

Today, I attended a CSE Seminar given by Professor Steven Reiss from Brown University Computer Science Department. He started the seminar by explaining the difficulty in interface coding because of its complexity and buggy environment. One solution would be to reuse the code that is already out there by modifying and incorporating it into your program. But how do you get these code? This is where Professor Reiss research comes in. He is currently developing a framework where users or programmers can search the internet and get access to the code that already exist. His framework that he showed a demo during the seminar was like how Google is for user to search information across the internet instead now its code searching. His framework which is still in development would take various search parameters and specification and perform the search. But there is more to his framework than just searching code, it also analyzes and tests the code to see if it will compiled which is key to using the code. If it does not compile the code will be useless to the programmer. His end goal for his research is to develop framework where programmer can search and implement code to write fully programs automatically without writing any code.

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