“Gangnam Style” Breaking Youtube View Counter!

Yesterday, when I was reading the news online, I ran across this article on how the popular song, “Gangnam Style” is the highest watched Youtube video in the history. So I quickly searched up the video to see it for myself. The video has been watched over 2 billion times, not million but billion. As you all know, every Youtube video has a view counter on the bottom of the video stating how many views it received. When the Youtube programmer was designing the counter for to keep track of the view counts, they assumed that the number would not exceed 32-bit which is 2,147,483,647 views. But yesterday, the “Gangnam Style” exceed this number thus breaking the view counter. Now if you go to Youtube and watch the video and hoover over the view counter, you will see magic! As expected, the Youtube programmers reacted quickly and upgraded the view counter to a 64-bit which is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807!

I found this interesting because in CSE 262, we recently learned about limitation and allocation of memory when writing programs. For the Youtube programmers, they were practicing Google coding guidelines and assume that by setting a 32-bit counter, they were safe from any glitch. But this redefine what programming is all about. Programming is about constantly upgrading and modify your code to withstand any incoming circumstance and challenges. Another key insight we can take from this is that use of internet is starting to grow bigger and now more users are connecting to the internet. Ten years ago, having a 100,000 views on a YouTube video was awesome and nowadays, videos can easily can 1 million views within a day or two. We can conclude this the usage of internet is definitely on the rise.

Now the big question is when will the 64-bit view counter become obsolete.

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Chinese Calligraphy

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Chinese Calligraphy

Yesterday, in Asian Studies, we learned about how Chinese calligraphy is written. We were given the chance to write Chinese calligraphy in order to experience how elegant and dedication is needed to write the calligraphy. There is a completed calligraphy that was written by a graduate student in class:


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“Net Neutrality – An Inside View of the Network Realities Underneath the Policies”

Yesterday, in CSE 262 we had a guest speaker that gave us a lecture in net neutrality. Don Holloway who received this MBA from Lehigh and current Vice President of Strategic Accounts of TEOCO gave the lecture on net neutrality. As we all know, the internet is basically a highway connecting networks of computers. With the rise of data and increased demand for faster connection to the internet, one big problem that arise is who gets on that highway first. This is the core dilemma in net neutrality. During his presentation, he gave a broad background of the current policy issues, business impacts, and legal history of net neutrality. Overall, the main focus of his presentation was providing technical insight into how internet network traffic management is designed and managed across large scale communications networks. The presentation has definitely given me good insights of the possible problems that computer scientist will have to deal with in the future which is how to efficiently manage large package of data.

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Logic Programming: Prolog

Our finally language that we are learning about in CSE 262 is Prolog which falls under the logic programming paradigm. The general purpose of this language is to create a knowledge base. Prolog is popularly used in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Prolog is declaration in which any program is composed of set of rules and relations. A query is performed on this facts of  rules and relations to give a logical answer.

For example:




snowy(C):- rainy(C), cold(C)

Query: snowy(x)

This is a simple basic Prolog program. As you can see in the last line, we do a query for snowy(x) which will give us the output of seattle. This is because it knows that for a city to be snowy it has to be rainy and cold by the rules we have given. As a result, when a user ask the program to give the city that is snowy it processes the data and spits out the answer.

As you can see this language can be powerful and very useful in storing knowledge base. One of the domains that you see Prolog programming is medical. For example, a patient can input his/her symptoms and the system can diagnose for the possible health problems based on the given symptoms.

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Cyber Monday (and Black Friday)


Seeing how my last post was on my accounting group project, I thought that writing about this would be fitting. A lot of companies began to promote their discounts even before Cyber Monday and Black Friday began. You would normally think that starting discounts early would bolster sales, but this was not the case. Customers were not pressured to buy things because of the fact that the discounts came early. Usually, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will result in a ton of impulse buying because customers think “Oh! This is a good deal I should get it before it is gone.” With the early release of discounts, customers could be more careful and would usually result in a realization that they did not really need the items. Of course, this is bad for certain companies, because they usually perform most of their sales in Q4 where major sales take place. I will admit to this same thing; I normally go out and buy things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year I was not really pressured to buy anything (that and my empty wallet).

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Group Presentations

Towards the end of the semester, I usually find myself working on group projects and big assignments. These projects are usually assigned at the beginning of the year but usually are not worked on til the end of the year. The reason for this is because most of these projects do not take up too much time and are quite simple to work on. I am not sure if engineering classes usually have big group projects (besides maybe some of the earlier general engineering classes), but many business classes have big group projects that are worth quite a bit of your grade. This semester the only class in which I have a group project is ACCT 151. Our paper and presentation are due this Thursday, and we just started working on it yesterday. While this may sound atrocious, we will likely still get a good grade without much hassle. Also, one thing to note is that if you have other people presenting before you (not on the same day), then you can build off of their presentation style if the teacher comments on things he/she likes. For example, a group presented today in a manner that our professor really like; we will likely mimic that group’s style for our own presentation. While this may not sound fair, some professors will grade the earlier presenters more leniently because of the fact that they do not have predecessors to build off of. In general, if you are decent at speaking in front of people and can get your work done appropriately, you will have no problem with group projects.

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