Deciding to Drop Class

This semester I realized that sometimes you have to drop a class and take it in the future. This the best option for you if you want to have a good GPA.

One class that has been troublesome for me this semester was MATH 231 – Probability and Statistics. This is the last math class for Computer Science students and I knew the class was going but I took it this semester anyway to get it done and over with. But now that I think of it, I think I should have dropped the class when I had the chance. After both of the midterms, I calculate that I have to get almost a perfect grade on the final to at least get a B in the class.

Its always important to remember the deadline for dropping classes.

Next semester, I will be more circumspect about this issue. But for now I will have to deal with it and study extremely hardcore and hope for the best.

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Empire State Building to Salute LeLaf Rivalry

This Saturday afternoon, the Empire State Building is going to light up with both teams’ main color (brown and maroon).



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Lehigh/Lafayette 150 Rivalry Scarves

Today is the last day to pick up your Lehigh/Lafayette Rivalry scarf. I am not really into scarves, but the primary reason I picked one up is because it got colder a lot faster than I thought it would. I bought the scarf because none of my jackets have hoods so my head gets very cold when there is a lot of wind. Also, it is a good way to show school spirit, and if it is cold during the game on Saturday, I’ll be sure to wear it. This is what is looks like in the package.


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Server at CTF

Our Coding the Future got a server for our project. Server is a software that enables client to request information and these requests are feedback to the clients.Servers operate within a client-server architecture. This is very interesting for us because as a computer science house we need a server to do some of the cool things which we were not able to do before. We are in the process of setting the internals and getting everything configured.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.47.54 AM

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Meal Swipes

If you are on a meal plan that is not weekly, you will notice one of two things by the end of the year: you barely have any meal swipes left, or you have too many meal swipes left. I am in a situation where I have too many meal swipes left. I have calculated the amount of excess swipes I will have by the end of the year, and it turned out to be somewhere near 50. These swipes will not carry over to the next year. Does that mean I have wasted essentially 200 dollars? Nope, I can basically get 200 dollars worth of snacks and drinks from Upper Cort. You may have noticed how at the end of the year, there will be students dragging 30 packs of drinks and bags of chips and candy back to their dorm; these students had too many meal swipes. If you are looking at an excess by the end of the year, make sure to spend it all or it will actually go to waste. However, if you are running low on swipes, that’s a different story. You want to make sure you ration your swipes by not going to Upper too many times. If possible, have a friend guest swipe you in when they can. Having been here for a year and experiencing both too many and too little swipes, I can tell you that I am usually fine by the end of the year. Hopefully, I can find a way to spend these excess swipes before the semester ends.

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First Cover Letter

Recently, I have been looking through LUCIE to find any opportunities for internships for this upcoming summer. I have just finished an application that required me to write a cover letter. This is the first cover letter I have written so it is far from perfect, but it serves as a good experience for when I have to write letters later.

Daniel Sohn

Lehigh University Box 4063

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18015




To Whom It May Concern,

I am presenting this letter to demonstrate my interest in a technology summer analyst position at Morgan Stanley. What attracted me to Morgan Stanley is the unique opportunity to work with leading technology professionals in a quick paced business environment. As a business oriented computer science student with the ability to perform in a dynamic environment, I believe that I will be a perfect fit for this program.

I am presently enrolled in Lehigh University as a Computer Science and Business (CSB) major; this unique program equips me with both the high-tech and business skills required to work in a leading financial services corporation such as Morgan Stanley.  I have performed well in my computer science courses, as well as my core business classes. Outside of academics, I am an active participant of Lehigh University’s Investment Management Group (IMG), a club with an investing fund of over one hundred thousand dollars. In IMG, I work with a team to analyze companies’ financials and pitch stocks that will potentially be invested through the club funds. I also regularly attend events hosted by Lehigh University’s Programming Club, which hosts professional workshops that help me develop my technical skills. To complement my university education, I also hold a teaching assistant position for Lehigh University’s Fundamentals of Programing course; only the top performers of the previous semesters are considered for this position. As a teaching assistant, I am constantly interacting with students to help them discover unique solutions to their problems. My teaching assistant job is one of my favorite college experiences because I sincerely enjoy helping others with the skills that I have developed.

What I have to offer to Morgan Stanley would greatly complement any team that I would be a part of. My technical skills as well as my soft skills make me a strong candidate for Morgan Stanley’s technology summer program. I thank you in advance for allotting your time to review my application and would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about this internship position. My contact number is (856) 246-8429, and my email is



Daniel J. Sohn

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LeLaf #150

This weekend will be the 150th meeting between Lehigh and Lafayette. This football rivalry will take place at the Yankee’s stadium this weekend. Many students are excited for this event, but it is important to remember to take care of your work early. It is unlikely that you will want to work on Saturday or the day before, so if you need to complete work, try and do it early. Last year, we lost pretty badly, so hopefully we can win this year. lelaf

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