Lehigh Co-op Program

Lehigh engineering students that meet a GPA requirement and are in their sophomore year are eligible to participate in the Lehigh Co-op program. Basically, you apply to companies like you would apply to an internship, except the work you do will be more hands on. Applications for specific positions begin on the first day of the spring semester. After applications are done, interviews will take place sometime in February or March. Offers will be given a month or two after the interviews. If you choose to accept the offer, you will be required to take summer sessions at Lehigh after your sophomore year is over. During your junior fall semester, you will have a work rotation with your company. After the first rotation, you return to Lehigh for your spring semester. After spring semester is over, you attend your second work rotation.  From what I have gathered, most people who participate in the co-op program are offered jobs at the company. The main differences between the co-op program and a regular internship is the work load and responsibilities. As a co-op, you will be working with the company for longer periods, so they can to give you more important work vs an intern who will only be there for maybe ten weeks. Also, during the fall rotation, you will be one of the only students at the company since internships usually take place during the summer. It is very likely that I will be trying to get a co-op position next semester because the program appears to be very beneficial. If I cannot get a position, internships are still a possibility.

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Social Computing Tools in Industry

Our recent discussion in CSE 252 was on integration of social computing tools in business. We discussed how much of an impact it can have on business performance. Our assignment was to write a 6-8 pages on researching social computing tools and its impact on our field of study and the profession I would be in. Essentially, I had write a paper on social computing tools used in software firm. Some examples of these tools include video conferencing, blogs, wikis, Twitter, internal social network, etc. From my research, I learned that it is predicted that business that use social media will have Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 61%. More importantly, it connects network of employers, partners, stockholders, and customers at a different level which can not be achieved with traditional workplace platform. In addition, it provides richer insight, enables knowledge sharing platform, and creates easier solution to problem solving.

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Guest Speaker

Today in my ACCT 151 class (Intro to Financial Accounting), we had a guest speaker give a lecture and answer questions. The guest speaker’s name was Joseph Charles and graduated from Lehigh some 20 years ago. Mr. Charles is currently a partner at KPMG’s Philadelphia office. He interned at KPMG during his junior summer and was offered a full position as well. Mr. Charles gave us a lecture about financial ratios. His lecture was engaging and hands-on. Usually, there is little participation in normal lectures given by our professor, but today there was a lot more participation. For the first case, we studied the financials of a company called Lafayette Stinks Corporation (the name got many laughs). We determined the profitability of the company and analyzed its cash flows. After the lecture, he answered and questions that the students had. Most of the class asked questions related to careers in accounting or at the Big Four. I normally enjoy having guest speakers, so today’s class was very enjoyable.

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Note on Second Exams

In my last post, I wrote about the second round of exams here at Lehigh University. For this post, I am going to discuss a factor that may affect how hard you study for these exams. One of my friends is taking an ECE (electrical and computer science) course this semester. He told me that after taking the exam, the professor never gave back the tests. You would normally think that it would be harmful and make it harder to gauge how much you would need to study for the next exam. My friend told me that the professor’s reasoning is that the students should assume they did not do well so they need to study harder for the next one. When my friend explained this to me I dismissed it as foolish. However, this scenario ended up applying to me somehow. After taking one of my exams, I missed the class where we received our tests. The scores were never posted on the course site so I never found out what my grade was. I spent three weeks assuming I had failed the exam and that I would have to study a lot for the exam. It turns out I had actually gotten an A on the exam which relieved the pressure to do well on the next exam. If I had never discovered my score, I probably would have done extremely well on the second exam, but now I will be studying as if the exam is not too important.

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Second Round of Exams

To me, it feels like we had our exams a few weeks ago; as a matter of fact, we did have our exams a few weeks ago. The second round of exams always feels rushed because we only have about a month between the first and second exams. Usually, the amount of material covered between this time period is less, so I find the exams a bit easier. Also, by this time, you should know what you got on you first exams so you know the test style and what to expect. If you performed poorly on the first exams, then you know that you have to study even harder for the second exams. I usually review my first exam to make sure I understand the material that I might have gotten incorrect. For most of my classes, the material builds upon previous content, so the tests require you to know old material. These cumulative type tests require you to be on top of the material.

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Breast Cancer Walk

Over the weekend, I toke a break from work and decided to do the Stride Breast Walk. This event happens every year across the bridge from Lehigh. This was my second time during the walk for a good cause. There was a lot of people that did the walk which was about just a little over 3 miles. It was beautiful day to walk and see the community outside Lehigh. Its always refreshing to explore the community of Bethlehem.

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Walking Across Campus


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