Happy Founder’s Day 2014

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Class Participation

Class participation is not something everyone wants to be involved in. For some classes, participation is required so most people will make an active effort to participate for the sake of their grade. In other classes, participation is merely optional. Just because participation is option doesn’t mean that you should avoid participating. Answering questions when a teacher asks for an answer can help the class move a bit quicker. I have had classes where the professor would ask a question and no one would bother to answer because they didn’t know the question or just didn’t care. The professor would look around hoping that someone would answer, but no one would. These moments make the class drag longer than it should. The professors that are used to this sort of dilemma will just call on students to answer. When professors call on students, the eye shifting away from the professor’s is something to laugh at (I do it too if I don’t know the answer). I believe that the main reason why students do not actively participate is that they do not want to embarrass themselves in front of their teacher and peers. Answering the question incorrectly can be embarrassing for some students. Professors, however, love when students participate even if their answers are wrong. As long as the student is not cocky or just plain unlikable, the professor will usually favor those who participate. Next time the professor asks a question and you know the answer, you should raise your hand.

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What you can do with your computer science skills

After you have taken a CSE class or two, you can actually start doing things on your own. Even though the beginner CSE classes specifically teach Java, you learn general programming skills that can be applied to other languages. Many programming languages besides Java require knowledge of types, loops, algorithm, and objects. After obtaining a foundation in Java, you can learn new languages and not start completely from scratch.

Besides expanding your programming knowledge, you can also apply your skills as well. With basic programming knowledge, you can do things like creating website and making applications. Of course, these things may not be easy to pickup, but as a programmer, you will have an edge over a random person with no programming background. Doing things like making website or applications looks great on your resume and can even bring in some extra income if you are looking to make money from your projects.

Even if you are learning programming languages and are not in a computer science related major, it can still be helpful. Learning programming is definitely one of those things that will only help you and give you an edge. Companies would love to see that you have programming skills even if they are not looking specifically for a programmer.

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Creating a Website

On my spare time, one of the things I do is make website for fun. Web design is one of stronger skill because I enjoy creating websites that are visible to the world. I got in web design after taking a web design class in 10th grade in high school and over the years are have used many software to develop many websites. Web design can be very simple if you want to get an simple website on the interest and to make it interact and dynamic is where the real fun begins. But the general format and process are very similar in every case. I think after making my own website, I decided that I wanted to study computers and now here I am studying computer science now. If you are interested in learning web design, you first start using blog platform like Blogger and WordPress which can be converted into a website by purchasing a domain name (the name of the website) and hosting (this allows the website to be visible for everyone). From there on, you do a little research on the platform and watch some YouTube tutorials and by the time you know it, you will become an expert at web design. But the key importance, is that you have to have passion for it and enjoy it to be good at it like anything else.

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Fire Alarm

Yesterday, we had a fire alarm at around 7 pm. I live in Brodhead, which is very close to the fire station. The fire fighters were in and out in a matter of minutes. Likely, someone burnt their popcorn or some other shenanigans. Some people around me were getting anxious that the sprinklers were going off in their room. Others claimed they saw smoke in one of the windows. All I could smell was paranoia. Here is some footage from the scene.

VIDEO0075 (1)

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Study Groups

In my opinion forming study groups is one of the biggest factors in getting good grades in classes. Since the beginning of freshman year I tried to find a group of people who were in my classes who I could check homework/study with. I think they are extremely helpful because if you ever do not know how to do something even after using the textbook and internet, you can ask them and they will often know the answer. If none of you know the answer, often times putting your ideas together can lead to the answer. These groups are also good for reminding you when homework is due and when/where the exams are. For freshman and sophomore year there are hundreds of people in all of your classes so its easy to find friends to study with, and by the time junior and senior year come around, you should know most people in your major/classes. If you are a person who gets distracted around other people, this may not work as well for you as it does for me, because you may not be able to focus on the material with others around. So far study groups have been a big factor in my success at Lehigh.

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Where I Blog

As a part of the blog team, I usually blog in the same place everyday. However, we are not restricted in where we blog. Sometimes, I blog from my room if I am too busy to come to my usual spot. If my usual spot is packed, I will go to Packard 250 which is a hidden room that no one can ever find. This is where I usually work.

IMAG0200 IMAG0201

IMAG0197 IMAG0198


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