Thanksgiving Break

I am currently counting down the hours until I can finally get home. This Thanksgiving break provides me a much needed respite from the worries of college. While I will not be completely free (studying and homework assignments), it will be nice to be home for a change. I will be able to catch up with friends and family from back home. Also, a good number of my family members are professionals in fields that I plan to work in (technology and business), so it is always a good time to ask for advice and possible opportunities. As much as I do not want to study, I will probably begin reviewing for some of the classes in which I need to do very well on the final exam. I will also need to continue working on some of my group projects because the week after break will be when I need to do my presentations. Even though I have work to do, I am still going to enjoy the break.

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Photos from Lehigh-Lafayette

IMAG0204 IMAG0205


Photos from the bus ride. Can’t help but mention that we rode on Bieber buses…


IMAG0206 IMAG0207 IMAG0208 IMAG0209 IMAG0210 IMAG0211 IMAG0212


Even though we lost, the game was still enjoyable. My only regret was that I did not dress up more warmly.

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One of the best way to improve your coding experience is participating in hackathons. Hackathons are basically coding competition which programmers compete to create something cool within a given amount of time. Recently, my roommate participate in the J.P. Morgan coding competition which his team won first place and later on they offered him an internship position over the summer with them.

Recently, I have applied to participate in few hackathons. One of them is PennApp which is a student run hackathon which students participating from all over the world at UPenn. Another one is MHacks which is Michigan. I am hoping that I will get accepted into these competitions.

In preparation for these competitions, I am trying to master one of the scripting language so I can program fast. Python would be preferably one first option since we are currently learning about Python in CSE 262. I have been doing some studies on my own get more deeper understanding outside the class in order to learn Python better.

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Deciding to Drop Class

This semester I realized that sometimes you have to drop a class and take it in the future. This the best option for you if you want to have a good GPA.

One class that has been troublesome for me this semester was MATH 231 – Probability and Statistics. This is the last math class for Computer Science students and I knew the class was going but I took it this semester anyway to get it done and over with. But now that I think of it, I think I should have dropped the class when I had the chance. After both of the midterms, I calculate that I have to get almost a perfect grade on the final to at least get a B in the class.

Its always important to remember the deadline for dropping classes.

Next semester, I will be more circumspect about this issue. But for now I will have to deal with it and study extremely hardcore and hope for the best.

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Empire State Building to Salute LeLaf Rivalry

This Saturday afternoon, the Empire State Building is going to light up with both teams’ main color (brown and maroon).



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Lehigh/Lafayette 150 Rivalry Scarves

Today is the last day to pick up your Lehigh/Lafayette Rivalry scarf. I am not really into scarves, but the primary reason I picked one up is because it got colder a lot faster than I thought it would. I bought the scarf because none of my jackets have hoods so my head gets very cold when there is a lot of wind. Also, it is a good way to show school spirit, and if it is cold during the game on Saturday, I’ll be sure to wear it. This is what is looks like in the package.


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Server at CTF

Our Coding the Future got a server for our project. Server is a software that enables client to request information and these requests are feedback to the clients.Servers operate within a client-server architecture. This is very interesting for us because as a computer science house we need a server to do some of the cool things which we were not able to do before. We are in the process of setting the internals and getting everything configured.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.47.54 AM

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