Picking a Minor

I think a part of learning is diversity in terms of curriculum. That’s why I chose to do a business minor along with computer science.  From the beginning, I knew I wanted to study computer stuff or business because I have plans for doing business after couple years in the industry. Business classes are completely different from computer science class and you are dealing with different way of thinking. For far from the business minor classes I have taken, I learned two important concepts. One is analyzing a problem with some basic computation for numbers. The second is making decision based off the numbers/data given. Business is all about making good decision to generate revenue. I am glad that I chosen to do the business minor because it has taught me critical decision making skill. The business minor at Lehigh is a two year program where you take 1 class each semester for a total of 14 credits. There is the program outline:

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Learning Missed Material

Sometimes you can’t help but miss a class. You might have had some sort of illness that requires you to recover in bed and stay away from other people. Maybe you had an important meeting that you cannot miss such as an interview. Sometimes, you might just want to skip the class for once. Regardless of the reason, skipping class will usually result in missing material covered during the class. If you know someone who is the same class as you, you can ask to look at the student’s notes if he/she if feeling generous. If you are the independent type, you can learn the material yourself. Sometimes, looking at someone’s notes will not help you so you will have to learn yourself. The first thing you should do is read the textbook section that you missed. However, many times the textbook is not helpful. If this is the case, you may want to search online for the topic. I have found that many online sources can clearly explain to me class material, sometimes even better than the professor. If neither of these approaches work, you will have to find help from either your professor, TA, or a tutor. Some students are averse to asking for help, but your grades are more important than your dislike for asking for help. If you choose not to learn the material you missed, you will be in trouble for exams…

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Difficulty with Scheme Programming

Our recent study in CSE 262 has been programming in Scheme that I have previously mentioned. Its a new way of programming for me because all the other programming classes I have taken has been object-oriented programming. Scheme can be a very powerful computing language like MATLAB. In the beginning, I thought function programming was easy but now I realized its actually very difficult to program in functional programming because you have dynamic types. Our recent programming assignment was very difficult for me to understand because the assignment would be easily done in Java or C++ but Scheme made it much more harder than I originally expected.

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Online Homework

Many courses at Lehigh University will require you to complete online assignments. In most cases, you must complete written homework as well as the online assignment. There are many students that do not like the fact that they need to finish a written assignment as well as an online one. The online homework is assigned because it is extra practice and also a sort of check. With written homework, it is easy to copy someone else’s work because the problems assigned will likely be the same. In most cases with online homework, the questions are randomized so it is very hard to weasel out of it. Oftentimes, the online homework will weigh just as much as the written homework. Most of the online assignments will allow you to attempt the questions multiple times, so as long as you put in effort, you can get a good grade. This semester, I only have one class that has online assignment which is my Introduction to Financial Accounting class.

This is a sample of what my online assignments look like.



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Complex Numbers and Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineering major at Lehigh, I have to take Math 208 (Complex Analysis). This course pretty much covers algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus again but with using complex numbers. I took this course last semester to get it out of the way and I did not really understand why I had to take it. This semester I am in ECE 81 which is the Introduction to Electrical Engineering class at Lehigh. We are roughly half way through the semester and we have already started using some of the concepts and techniques that I learned in Math 208. Complex numbers are often useful in solving circuits with inductors and capacitors. Since we are using these things in the introduction class, I am sure we will be using them much more in more advanced electrical engineering classes. I am probably one of the few people in my grade who have already taken Math 208 so it is a good feeling to know I am ahead and it should give me an advantage in the class. It also is a good feeling to know that the things I learned in Math 208 are not going to waste, as I initialize thought they would.

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Computer Science Homework

In the classes I have taken, homework for computer science classes have been very different from other classes. Instead of being assigned a few problems to solve and turn in every class or every other class, you are given a program to write and are given 5-10 days typically. These homework are submitted online and then graded by a teaching assistant and returned through email. The email has your program with comments on the errors you made. It is a great way to easily see all of the mistakes you made throughout your program and how to fix them. Because the computer science homework assignments take longer than most other homework assignments, there are much less of them. In my experience I have been given about 10 a semester which is fairly easy to manage. One of the issues is that because you re given so much time to complete the assignment, you often put it off until the last day or two and it is much more difficult to make your program work properly if you run into an error. Personally, I like to have my textbook right next to me while I am writing the programs because I often run into situations where I forget the correct syntax. Sometimes I have to use Google to find something out and in the few instances where neither of those helped, I went to office hours for the class and asked my professor or teaching assistant. For all of the homework assignments that I have done, we used Dr. Java to write, compile, and test the programs.

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CSB Course Load

As a Computer Science and Business major, I am required to take about 136 credits to graduate from Lehigh University. These are the classes I need to take to obtain my degree.




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